What is Android Enterprise Recommended?

Android Enterprise Recommended, a Google-ledTM program, validates managed service providers (MSP) with proven expertise in helping customers successfully deploy and support AndroidTM. Android Enterprise Recommended MSPs help ensure consistent deployments through standardized training and escalation support from GoogleTM and by staying current with yearly training and business program requirements.

Android Enterprise Recommended MSPs demonstrate proven expertise with experienced personnel who are trained and validated by Google to architect, implement and support a successful Android Enterprise deployment.

Confidence in selection

● Proven expertise with experienced personnel
● Trained and validated by Google
● Specialized in architecture/implementation and support

Consistency in deployment

  • Consistent training and support on deploying Android and Android Enterprise
  • Standardized escalation and business support from Google

Up-to-date Expertise

  • Current on the latest training requirements
  • Regularly collaborating with Google on business objectives with yearly validation

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