We are making conversations happen …

Interactive Text Messaging

From simple fire and forget outbound SMS to more complex interactive text conversations, VoiceSage’s Interactive Text Messaging Solutions engage customers via a channel that they are comfortable with and that delivers far greater response rates than email.

  • Outbound One Way Texts
  • Outbound Interactive Text Messaging
  • Text Conversations

Touch Messaging

Send custom, automated visual mobile messages about what you want, whenever you decide.

Personalize and embed messages with a combination of rich media information- text, images, maps, videos, downloadable files and much more. Add custom interactivity options – bring calls back into a call center, direct customers to geographical locations, purchase a product or complete surveys. The options are limitless.

  • Survey
  • Location Based Messaging
  • Informational Messaging

Interactive Voice Messaging

Send proactive personalized messages with customer specific details to thousands of customers. Design contact campaigns with unlimited interaction possibilities. Optimize engagement by seamlessly switching between channels – voice, text or e-mail.

  • Simple Outbound Voice Messages
  • Interactive Voice Messaging
  • Complex Interactive Voice Messaging
  • Reverse blind transfer

How we help you

We help you increase the responsiveness of your customer base – interactive messaging and SMS are read 90% of the time rather than email 20%

We decrease your agent costs by substituting difficult to forecast inbound traffic for proactive, predictable and automated outbound communications
We increase your agent utilization allowing them to handle up to 15 customer conversations at the same time instead of one
We reduce your inbound traffic peaks by allowing you to control when communications goes out
We ensure that you get the best results by leveraging our expertise and managed services such as ‘Best Time to Call Service’
We improve the customer experience for any B2C company while changing the ROI paradigm